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Guided Cross-Ties are an innovative expansion joint system that has only been used on railway bridges a few times worldwide. The new Champlain Bridge ... [more]

The world’s longest suspension bridge, with a main span of over two kilometers, was inaugurated in Turkey on 18 March 2022. At the ends of the bridge,... [more]

Spherical bearings are not very widespread in Canada. However, high superimposed loads, a large temperature difference, and unusual challenges during ... [more]

Colombia: Horseshoe shape of the Yarumo Blanco Viaduct challenges engineers. [more]

Double sliding isolation pendulum bearings reduce construction costs and secure hotel operations on the Pacific coast even during the strongest earthq... [more]

For the new Kattwyck Bridge and the older one it replaces as a railroad bridge, MAURER was responsible for the installation of the bearings. For the l... [more]

In just 57 hours, the expansion joints of a highway bridge near Augsburg were replaced. Of this, the freeway was fully closed for less than 6 hours. [more]

The Zinggen Bridge in Brixen was retrofitted with customized vibration dampers to reduce vertical vibrations. In the process, no interventions were al... [more]

MAURER supplies all bridge bearings for the Pumarejo cable-stayed bridge in Colombia, the longest road bridge in the country. Challenges are strong ve... [more]

The Pelješac Bridge, situated at the picturesque Croatian coast, will become one of the most impressive cable-stayed bridges. From 2022, it is suppose... [more]

It almost looks as if a big, shiny ship has arrived in Duisburg: The Mercator One office and commercial building right next to the main train station ... [more]

The new major airport Felipe Ángeles (AIFA) is about to be built, near Mexico City. To protect the huge terminal against earthquakes, it will be isola... [more]

The New National Gallery in Berlin — a significant part of architectural history, created by Mies van der Rohe. Since 2016, a team of David Chip... [more]

Berlin's Museum Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the capital's visitor highlights. An important part of the Museum Island is the extr... [more]

Many schools are still being built without mechanical ventilation, with outside air being supplied exclusively through ventilation via the windows. Th... [more]

The new Alnatura Campus in Darmstadt exemplifies sustainability and climate protection. This project is a clear entrepreneurial and architectural stat... [more]

A streetcar running on a bridge is not uncommon. However, this presents a challenge in Gothenburg since long ramps lead to the bridge construction. Th... [more]

While the Hutong Bridge in China is only the second longest-spanning cable-stayed bridge, and only has the second highest pylons, it is much larger th... [more]

In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, the tallest building in the Caucasus was built. The 277-m high Baku Tower is constantly subjected to enormous wind... [more]

At the next Grand Slam in Paris, the top matches will take place without breaks due to rain – thanks to a new retractable roof. MAURER equipped the sl... [more]

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