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Images and Image Licensing

You would like to use an image in your publication? We'll be glad to help you in obtaining the reproduction license.

Evidently, we will require a certain amount of information on your part in order to find the image and/or the photographer. The simplest way to go about this, is to give us the identification (ID) number of the image that appears with the caption. This is absolutely necessary if you are interested in more than one image.

To better help you, please describe in as much detail as possible for what type of publication you would like to use the image, e.g. a short description, how many copies there are in the print run, etc. If your publisher offers a standard photographer's fee, please include it as well.

For those images were we hold the copyright or have been given permission to do so, we can make an offer directly. Otherwise we will pass on your request or offer to the photographer/copyright holder who will then contact you directly (please note that we do not give out personal information about our photographers without their consent). If the e-mail address or the web site of the photographer is already listed in the caption, we kindly ask that you contact the photographer or copyright holder directly based on that information and not contact us.

Image files with a higher resolution or at least a larger pixel size are often available. We will normally e-mail these to you if you require larger files.

Please note that currently we cannot send high-resolution images to individuals for personal use.