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About Structurae

Structurae is a database for works of structural and civil engineering, but also contains many other works of importance or interest of the fields of architecture and public works. This site is mostly concerned with the structural aspects of the works documented here and the technical aspects of their construction and design. At the same time we do take into account the social, historic and architectural context.

The structures are chosen based on the interest they pose for the profession of the structural or civil engineer, but since that profession did not exist before the 18th century, many historic structures included here are firstly known for their architectural merits.

Thus this site offers you the most interesting constructions throughout history and of our time, but also more typical structures from around the world. But the interest is not only on the results of the construction process, but also on the actors involved — engineers, builders, architects, companies, ...

Structurae wants to be a resource that serves the beginning of your search, but is most likely not going to be the end of it. You will not always find everything you are looking for, but we attempt to point you to more and more places and sources of information where you may be able to find what you are looking for.

Structurae was created in 1998 by Nicolas Janberg, structural and bridge engineer by training and profession, out of a "gallery of structures" he built for the course "Structures and the Urban Environment" (CIV 262) taught at Princeton University and for which he was a teaching assistant at the time. After continuing work on the site initially as a hobby while working as a bridge engineer, he made a job out of it in 2002.

What does "Structurae" mean?

It's the plural of "structura", a Latin word which translates as:

  1. construction, building (action or method of building)
  2. construction, building (result of that action)
  3. structure, organization
  4. arrangement, order (of words in a sentence)

Source: Latin French Dictionary

What are works of structural engineering?

Works of structural engineering are load-bearing structures, such as buildings, bridges, walls, dams, tunnels, towers and many other types. Their design and construction usually requires the expertise of a bridge, civil or structural engineer.