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A steel-concrete hybrid bridge is a type of hybrid bridge where superstructure consists of two distinct cross-sections, one made of steel and one made of concrete with a continuous connection allowing for transfer of axial and shear forces as well as bending. Usually, the concrete cross-section of the bridge makes up the parts of the superstructure from the supports up to one quarter or one third in of the span lengths while the steel section makes up the middle part of the superstructure. This arrangement lightens the dead load of the span.

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# Name Country
1 Normandy Bridge France 856
2 Shinminato Bridge Japan 360
3 Shibanpo Bridge China 330
4 Millennium Bridge Spain 180
5 Puente Vidalta Mexico 161.2000
6 Nymburk Bypass Bridge Czechia 132
7 Giovanni da Verrazzano Bridge Italy 113
8 Río Nalon Bridge Spain 110
9 Turia River Bridge (AP-7) Spain 106
10 Martorell Bridge Spain 100




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