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Definition: material hybrid bridge

A material hybrid bridge is a type of bridge where the longitudinal or primary system switches from a cross-section made of one material to a cross-section made up of another material along its longitudinal axis. For example for a girder bridge, the superstructure is made up of a concrete section from the supports to the quarter span points but made up of steel in between. The connection between these different parts is continuous.

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# Name Country main span
1 Normandy Bridge France 856 m
2 Cheonsa Bridge South Korea 510 m
3 Ikuchi Bridge Japan 490 m
4 Zhanjiang Bay Bridge China 480 m
5 Kap Shui Mun Bridge China 430 m
6 Shinminato Bridge Japan 360 m
7 Tenjyo Bridge Japan 348 m
8 Shibanpo Bridge China 330 m
9 Ikina Bridge Japan 315 m
10 Cuijiaying Hanjiang River Bridge China 300 m

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Japan (2011)
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Japan (2014)
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