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General Information

Beginning of works: April 2016
Completion: 17 March 2020
Status: in use

Project Type


Part of:
See also: Eastern Channel Bridge (2020)
Coordinates: 4° 55' 29.70" N    115° 0' 59.63" E
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Technical Information


total length 290 m
span lengths 2 x 145 m
number of spans 2
number of lanes 2 x 3
longitudinal slope ± 1.000 %
superelevation ± 2.500 %
deck deck depth 2.984 m
total width 37.2 m
pylon total height 107 m
pylon height (above deck) 82 m


pylon reinforced concrete
deck prestressed concrete


The Brunei Channel Bridge, with total length of 290m, is composed of a 145m navigation span and a symmetrical 145m side span. The concrete deck, 37.2m wide, is composed of 2 edge girders connected by cross beams spaced at 4.15m and slab where its thickness is 250mm typically. The deck is designed to carry 6 vehicle lanes. The deck is monolithic with the tower and is supported on 2 High Damping Rubber Bearings (hereinafter called as “HDRB”) and 2 free sliding pot bearings at the transition piers (A1 and P1). Pre-stress is introduced by post-tensioning to avoid tensile stress in the edge girders and cross beams. The stay cables (Parallel Strand System) are anchored in the edge girders and are supported by cable saddles installed on the tower. The tower has curved A-shape legs with a height of 107m from the top of pile cap. The legs have a curved tapering ribbed section and are connected with infilled wall above the deck

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