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XW1-Expansion joints

Expansion joints type MAURER XW1 represent the further development of the well-proven MAURER single seal expansion joint system. The increased movement capacity (100 mm instead of 80 mm) is combined with a noise reduction effect originating from the innovative geometry of the system.

The wave-shaped MAURER expansion joint with a sealing profile.

  • Gap width up to 100 mm - like XL1 expansion joints
  • Noise-reduced - like XL1 expansion joints
  • Maintenance-free 

The further development of the single-profile expansion joints combines the relatively simple design principle of the well-known Übe1 constructions (2 edge profiles + 1 sealing profile) with the advantages of the XL1 expansion joints (reduced noise emission +. gap width up to 100 mm). Instead of screwed-on, corrugated edge plates, the edge profiles monolithically connected to the structural concrete are themselves are themselves corrugated. This breaks up the otherwise straight "impact edge" at the front and rear of the edge profile and achieves optimum noise protection. A comparison with earlier measurements of the sound level shows that this design results in the lowest level increase when driving on the structure compared to the sound level at the undisturbed asphalt roadway.

In addition to the advantages known from the joint type XL1, such as elimination of the maintenance aisle for movements up to 95 mm (5 - 100 mm), the system "XW1" can boast the following advantages:

  • No additional screwed-on tooth plates are required for noise reduction - thus the self-cleaning effect of the joint gap is not more restricted.
  • No more screw connections and their inspection required.
  • The patented, one-piece and flexible sealing profile guarantees the watertightness of the expansion joint through a force-fit and form-fit connection to the edge profiles.
  • The wave-shaped, three-dimensional formation of the asphalt connection can be equated with the installation of reinforcing ribs with conventional Edge profiles.
  • The "template effect" of the edge profile waves guarantees an accurate asphalt paving in the connection area of the expansion joint.
  • The 3-5 mm superelevation of the pavement in the connection area to the expansion joint required by ZTV-ING is not necessary - the possible, surface-flush pavement connection leads to a further reduction in noise emissions.
  • The undulating course of the expansion joint also integrates protection against snow plow damage.
  • Optionally, the design of the edge profiles is available in proven HYBRID quality.

The "wave phase", i.e. the distance between 2 turning points of the edge profiles is selected so that in the case of an overrolling axle at least one of each of the two tires rolls smoothly over the expansion joint at an oblique angle, which significantly reduces noise emissions.

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