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Roadway joints

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Unexpected settlements at the western abutment meant that the Dultenaugraben Bridge between Rheinfelden and Lörrach had to be renovated. For the first... [more]

The world-famous Chain Bridge in Budapest was com-pletely renovated – both in terms of its art history and its function. The greatest technical challe... [more]

The world’s longest suspension bridge, with a main span of over two kilometers, was inaugurated in Turkey on 18 March 2022. At the ends of the bridge,... [more]

In just 57 hours, the expansion joints of a highway bridge near Augsburg were replaced. Of this, the freeway was fully closed for less than 6 hours. [more]

A streetcar running on a bridge is not uncommon. However, this presents a challenge in Gothenburg since long ramps lead to the bridge construction. Th... [more]

While the Hutong Bridge in China is only the second longest-spanning cable-stayed bridge, and only has the second highest pylons, it is much larger th... [more]

The replacement of all movable expansion joint parts of the Prater Bridge, the most frequented road bridge in Vienna, was executed without the full cl... [more]

During regular maintenance of the bridge between Duisburg-Beeckerwerth and -Baerl, the 30 year old expansion joints had to be replaced while keeping t... [more]

The Schiersteiner Bridge ranks among the most significant new highway bridge constructions in Germany. The challenge is the enormous structural weight... [more]

Presently, the 35 km long Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) is being constructed over the Pearl River Delta. Since 2009 the HZMB is under construct... [more]

The flexible plug expansion joint system, POLYFLEX-ADVANCED PU, is a completely new development based on elastic polymers and herewith a new generatio... [more]

The Queensferry Crossing, currently under construction across the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh, Scotland, is being built to carry most of the traffic... [more]

The industrial monument Triumphal Arch of Bucharest was subject to a complete overhaul and protected by means of seismic isolation against earthquake.... [more]

Aéroports de Paris (ADP) operates three major airports in metropolitan Paris: Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Le Bourget in the north-east of Paris ... [more]

Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe, so its port entrance for overseas container ships is both vast and congested. This is the entrance to what i... [more]

In future, expansion joints for installation in road bridges in Europe need to be equipped with a CE mark. Maurer Söhne did not hesitate long time and... [more]

Like all products, expansion joints come of age and then increasingly create headache to their owners. Instead of a very comprehensive full replacemen... [more]

A new standard is presently being set in China; the world's largest cable stayed bridge will receive stay cables of a length of up to 541 m. For the d... [more]

It is an embarrassing problem, and it costs money: damages at the corrosion protection of expansion joints, which are already visible before the bridg... [more]

Wave expansion joints have been installed for the first time in Hesse, on the Kaiserlei Bridge in Offenbach. The innovative "snakes" across the carria... [more]

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