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TENSA®FINGER RSFD – Cantilever finger joints

The RSFD Cantilever Finger Joint consists of massive steel edge profiles with finger plates that are connected to the lower construction on either side of the bridge gap.


The TENSA®FINGER cantilever finger joint consists of heavy steel edge profiles with conventional anchoring. It satisfies the highest demands in relation to traffic load, driving comfort and durability. Two rows of bolts on each side of the expansion joint anchor the cantilevering finger plates securely to the substructure.

Product Characteristics

The following are the special features of the TENSA®FINGER cantilever finger joint type RSFD:

  • modular design
  • low noise emission for high driving comfort
  • Statically determined system with proven anchoring that easily exceeds all fatigue requirements
  • insulation connections which are easily adjustable to different surface thicknesses on both sides
  • Special grooved surface (optional) enhances tyre grip to improve road safety
  • Ends of fingers chamfered by 4 mm to avoid dangerous protrusion of the fingers if the superstructure rotates or the abutment settles
  • standardised for movements of up to 400 mm

Long-lasting quality

TENSA®FINGER cantilever finger joints have been used successfully worldwide for many years under heavy traffic conditions. Their proven quality and durability are due to:

  • qualified and experienced personnel
  • process-oriented QM system (ISO 9001/EN 29001)
  • professional installation on the bridge

Tested and approved

The TENSA®FINGER cantilever finger joint type RSFD 140 (surface connection height 300mm) has passed three complete dynamic fatigue tests. No damage occurred at top loads of up to 140kN with 2 x 106 load cycles at a test frequency of 2.75 Hertz. The joint passed all tests in accordance with the Austrian standard RVS 15.45 and has thus been approved for federal motorways and other heavy duty roads.

Corrosion and water resistance

Corrosion Protection (Standard):

  • sandblasting to SA 3, hot metal-spraying 50µm and 2 layers of 40µm each (other systems available on request).


  • A rainwater channel is provided under the finger joint. Usually it consists of soft PVC with welded runoff support.

Offered by


Bülach, Zurich, Switzerland

Belgrade, Serbia (2012)

Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia (2000)

Cần Thơ, Vietnam (2009)

Berne, Berne, Switzerland (1974)

Newburgh, Orange County, New York, USA, North America - Beacon, Dutchess County, New York, USA (1963)

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