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Puget-Théniers Bridge Structures

Puget-Théniers Bridge

2005, France

Rogun Dam – the world’s highest dam Products & Services

Rogun Dam – the world’s highest dam

The Rogun Dam is a dam under construction on the Vakhsh River in central Tajikistan. The dam has a planned height of 335 m, which would make it the world’s highest dam.

DYWIDAG-Systems International Companies

DYWIDAG-Systems International

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Australia 108 in Melbourne Products & Services

Australia 108 in Melbourne

With 319 m, Australia 108 is the country´s second tallest skyscraper. It will include 1,105 apartments on 100 floors.

Albi Cathedral Structures

Albi Cathedral

1390, France

Choisy-le-Roi Bridge (A86) Structures

Choisy-le-Roi Bridge (A86)

1985, France

FORCE Technology Companies

FORCE Technology

Products & Services

The new Deichman library in Oslo's old port district will be an exceptional structure.

Schindgraben Viaduct Structures

Schindgraben Viaduct

2002, Germany

Tiefenbroicher Strasse Bridge Structures

Tiefenbroicher Strasse Bridge

2011, Germany

Thomas Telford Persons

Thomas Telford

Cévennes Line Structures

Cévennes Line

1870, France

mageba group Companies

mageba group

Tour Hertzienne TDF de Romainville Structures

Tour Hertzienne TDF de Romainville

1984, France

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