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Donaustadtbrücke Structures


1997, Austria

Thermal breaks for New Antarctic Station Products & Services

Thermal breaks for New Antarctic Station

1,000 km south of South America the new Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station is being built. It will become a safe environment for research and comfortable living.

Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH Companies

Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH

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Australia 108 in Melbourne Products & Services

Australia 108 in Melbourne

With 319 m, Australia 108 is the country´s second tallest skyscraper. It will include 1,105 apartments on 100 floors.

CNIT Structures


1958, France

Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge Structures

Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge

1992, USA

Schöck Gruppe Companies

Schöck Gruppe

ROBO®SMART for Bearings Products & Services

ROBO®SMART for Bearings

The ROBO®SMART for structural bearings is a small, self-powered and integrated acquisition unit. The precise and durable sensors with robust electronics transfer the measured data via 3G GSM network to a mageba server for 24-hour online data presentation and access via secure web interface. The ROBO-SMART sensors for structural bearings can be assembled directly in the factory or as an upgrade on site.

Grosser Kolonnenweg Tramway Bridge Structures

Grosser Kolonnenweg Tramway Bridge

1998, Germany

Mosel Flood Plain Bridge Structures

Mosel Flood Plain Bridge

2006, France

Holger S. Svensson Persons

Holger S. Svensson

Ilverich Rhine Crossing Structures

Ilverich Rhine Crossing

2002, Germany

FORCE Technology Companies

FORCE Technology

Saint-Bénezet Bridge Structures

Saint-Bénezet Bridge

1185, France

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