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Daniel Webster Hoan Memorial Bridge Structures

Daniel Webster Hoan Memorial Bridge

1973, USA

Façade construction for the Humboldt-Forum Products & Services

Façade construction for the Humboldt-Forum

Elaborate and large-format box windows are being supplied for the new Humboldt-Forum in Berlin.

Bekaert GmbH Companies

Bekaert GmbH

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National Veterans Memorial and Museum Products & Services

National Veterans Memorial and Museum

The new National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio is a bold new architectural and structural statement in concrete.

London Eye Structures

London Eye

2000, United Kingdom

A 2 Motorway (Germany) Structures

A 2 Motorway (Germany)


Schöck Gruppe Companies

Schöck Gruppe

Triple protection for rail bridge in Greece Products & Services

Triple protection for rail bridge in Greece

A combination of large hydraulic dampers, sliding isolation pendulums and shear keys protects the new railroad bridge SG26 in Greece against seismic-induced damages, stabilizes it against braking forces of the trains and allows for thermal movements with least possible resistance.

Puget-Théniers Bridge Structures

Puget-Théniers Bridge

2005, France

Labourd Bridge Structures

Labourd Bridge

1989, France

Fabrizio de Miranda Persons

Fabrizio de Miranda

Pont du Languedoc Structures

Pont du Languedoc

2008, France

CBE Group Companies

CBE Group

A 9 Motorway (Austria) Structures

A 9 Motorway (Austria)


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Since 1998 Structurae has been providing bridge, civil and structural engineers with information on the design and construction of construction projects from around the world including profiles on the companies and individuals involved as well as product descriptions. By now the site has grown into a unique information network and research tool for practising engineers and students majoring in civil and structural engineering but also for architects and other professionals in the construction industry.