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Viaduc du Paillon Structures

Viaduc du Paillon

1986, France

San Gabriel Trench, USA: saving time and exhaust emissions Products & Services

San Gabriel Trench, USA: saving time and exhaust emissions

The San Gabriel Trench Project is being built in the city of San Gabriel in Los Angeles County. A 2.25 km (1.4 mi) long section of the Union Pacific railway tracks is being lowered into a trench that runs through the city.

CBE Group Companies

CBE Group

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Australia 108 in Melbourne Products & Services

Australia 108 in Melbourne

With 319 m, Australia 108 is the country´s second tallest skyscraper. It will include 1,105 apartments on 100 floors.

Reichstagsgebäude Structures


1894, Germany

TGV Rhine-Rhone Structures

TGV Rhine-Rhone

2011, France

DYWIDAG-Systems International Companies

DYWIDAG-Systems International

Germany’s largest single-leaf bascule bridge Products & Services

Germany’s largest single-leaf bascule bridge

Between Berne and Elsfleth northwest of Bremen, a new bascule bridge was built over the Hunte River. The bascule bridge replaces a 1951 lift bridge that no longer fulfilled today's technical requirements.

Third Millennium John Paul II Bridge Structures

Third Millennium John Paul II Bridge

2001, Poland

TGV South-Europe-Atlantic Structures

TGV South-Europe-Atlantic

2017, France

Nicolas Sterling Persons

Nicolas Sterling

Scorff Bridge Structures

Scorff Bridge

1976, France

Maurer Companies


Kulmbach Viaduct Structures

Kulmbach Viaduct

2008, Germany

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