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Čelákovice Footbridge Structures

Čelákovice Footbridge

2014, Czechia

Triple protection for rail bridge in Greece Products & Services

Triple protection for rail bridge in Greece

A combination of large hydraulic dampers, sliding isolation pendulums and shear keys protects the new railroad bridge SG26 in Greece against seismic-induced damages, stabilizes it against braking forces of the trains and allows for thermal movements with least possible resistance.

FORCE Technology Companies

FORCE Technology

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VIBRAX®PUR – Vibration Isolation Mats Products & Services

VIBRAX®PUR – Vibration Isolation Mats

The VIBRAX®PUR product range is used as an elastic bearing element in various fields of application. Main applications as full-surface mount, strip or discrete bearing include the machinery and construction industries as well as the railway sector. VIBRAX®PUR is an economic solution in the area of structure-borne sound decoupling and vibration isolation thanks to its long-term stability and simple installation.

Padre Pio Church Structures

Padre Pio Church

2004, Italy

L'Hyères Viaduct Structures

L'Hyères Viaduct

2003, France

Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH Companies

Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH

Thermal breaks for New Antarctic Station Products & Services

Thermal breaks for New Antarctic Station

1,000 km south of South America the new Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station is being built. It will become a safe environment for research and comfortable living.

Puente de las Artes Structures

Puente de las Artes

1998, Spain

A 2 Motorway (Greece) Structures

A 2 Motorway (Greece)

2004, Greece

Leffert Lefferts Buck Persons

Leffert Lefferts Buck

Viaduc de Beez Structures

Viaduc de Beez

1971, Belgium

mageba group Companies

mageba group

Niederrheinbrücke Structures


2009, Germany

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