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Golden Ears Bridge Structures

Golden Ears Bridge

2009, Canada

Challenging pylon scaffolding on Willems Bridge Products & Services

Challenging pylon scaffolding on Willems Bridge

The refurbishment of the pylons on Rotterdam's Willems Bridge proved to be a tremendous challenge for installing the scaffolding. All scaffolding and painting work had to be carried out without any major negative impact on the flow of traffic in the city.

Schöck Gruppe Companies

Schöck Gruppe

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Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur Hotel Products & Services

Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Situated in the shadow of the famous Petronas Towers, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world is currently being realized: The Four Seasons Place Kuala Lumpur Hotel. After completion, it will be more than 320 m high.

Veltins-Arena Structures


2001, Germany

Eibsee Aerial Tramway Structures

Eibsee Aerial Tramway

2017, Germany

Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH Companies

Alpin Technik und Ingenieurservice GmbH

Façade construction for the Humboldt-Forum Products & Services

Façade construction for the Humboldt-Forum

Elaborate and large-format box windows are being supplied for the new Humboldt-Forum in Berlin.

Slinky Springs to Fame Structures

Slinky Springs to Fame

2011, Germany

Dom Luís I Bridge Structures

Dom Luís I Bridge

1886, Portugal

Charles Blacker Vignoles Persons

Charles Blacker Vignoles

A 43 Motorway (France) Structures

A 43 Motorway (France)

1973, France

Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH Companies

Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH

TGV Rhine-Rhone Structures

TGV Rhine-Rhone

2011, France

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