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Nordpolbrücke Structures


1999, Germany

San Gabriel Trench, USA: saving time and exhaust emissions Products & Services

San Gabriel Trench, USA: saving time and exhaust emissions

The San Gabriel Trench Project is being built in the city of San Gabriel in Los Angeles County. A 2.25 km (1.4 mi) long section of the Union Pacific railway tracks is being lowered into a trench that runs through the city.

Schöck Gruppe Companies

Schöck Gruppe

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Bearings for India's Signature Bridge Products & Services

Bearings for India's Signature Bridge

The Signature Bridge across the Yamuna river connects Delhi to Wazirabad. A special technical feature is the asymmetric pylon.

Helipad at Aachen University Hospital Structures

Helipad at Aachen University Hospital

2011, Germany

Queensferry Crossing Structures

Queensferry Crossing

2017, United Kingdom

Maurer Companies


The REDI Complex – Finland’s largest construction project Products & Services

The REDI Complex – Finland’s largest construction project

In April 2015, construction of Finland's largest urban project started: the REDI Complex in Kalasatama, Helsinki's eastern inner city area. This project consists of six new high-rise buildings with 1,200 apartments, an office and a hotel tower as well as a 60,000 m² shopping centre.

Randersacker Bridge Structures

Randersacker Bridge

2011, Germany

Duisburg-Neuenkamp Bridge Structures

Duisburg-Neuenkamp Bridge

1971, Germany

Charles Garnier Persons

Charles Garnier

Puente del Quinto Centenario Structures

Puente del Quinto Centenario

1992, Spain

schlaich bergermann partner Companies

schlaich bergermann partner

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge Structures

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge

1988, Turkey

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