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Talbrücke Buchergraben (A92) Structures

Talbrücke Buchergraben (A92)

1982, Germany

New bridges for the development of the National Road II in Girona, Spain Products & Services

New bridges for the development of the National Road II in Girona, Spain

The A-2 Highway – also known as NE Highway – connects Spain's capital Madrid with Barcelona. In some areas, the A-2 has not yet been expanded to a motorway, and traffic is directed via the old National Road N-II.

DYWIDAG-Systems International Companies

DYWIDAG-Systems International

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Europe's highest skyscraper in Saint Petersburg Products & Services

Europe's highest skyscraper in Saint Petersburg

With its very impressive architecture, the Lakhta Center, a futuristic building complex designed by Tony Kettle, is the new highlight of Saint Petersburg. Eventually rising to a height of 462 m, the multi-storey building in the centre of the complex will surpass all other structures in Europe. From the end of 2018, the Lakhta Center, with its usable floor space of around 400,000 m², will be the largest business centre in Saint Petersburg.

CNIT Structures


1958, France

High Speed 1 Structures

High Speed 1

2007, United Kingdom

Teupe & Söhne Gerüstbau GmbH Companies

Teupe & Söhne Gerüstbau GmbH

Triple protection for rail bridge in Greece Products & Services

Triple protection for rail bridge in Greece

A combination of large hydraulic dampers, sliding isolation pendulums and shear keys protects the new railroad bridge SG26 in Greece against seismic-induced damages, stabilizes it against braking forces of the trains and allows for thermal movements with least possible resistance.

Ventabren Viaduct Structures

Ventabren Viaduct

1998, France

Tulle Viaduct Structures

Tulle Viaduct

2002, France

Dennis Mahan Persons

Dennis Mahan

Busseau Viaduct Structures

Busseau Viaduct

1863, France

SIXENSE Companies


Pinot Footbridge Structures

Pinot Footbridge

1999, France

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