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TECU® Oxid is TECU® copper that is specially treated in a patented industrial process in which TECU® strips are oxidised on both sides.

With TECU® Oxid, the bright copper phase is bridged so that a uniform, dark brown oxidised layer is achieved even before the cladding is laid. This is not an artificial colouring process or coating, but rather an oxidised layer which is created from the surface of the copper itself. The surface further develops into the natural oxide layer in the course of weathering. The special manufacturing technology used produces lighter and darker shades of brown.

With TECU® Oxid, copper on buildings has a brown oxide layer right from the start. The material also has the same extraordinary properties of all other TECU® surfaces.

On exterior wall cladding, an initial appearance of grey-violet hues is possible. However, these colour variations disappear as the natural oxidation process progresses.

TECU® Oxid is ideal for architects, contractors and building owners who prefer this surface to the normal bright rolled copper. With its aesthetic colouring and in combination with other construction materials, TECU® Oxid always stands out from the rest.


Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, Austria

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands (2001)

Lucca, Lucca, Tuscany, Italy (2002)

Inverness, Highland, Scotland, United Kingdom (2005)

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