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TECU® Bronze

TECU® Bronze is a material in the TECU® product range with a superior, reddish brown surface for impressive new façade solutions in copper.

TECU® Bronze is an alloy of CuSn4 grade copper and tin. The original warm reddish-brown colour of the surface develops in a characteristic manner through weathering.

Typical for this alloy is a brown-red oxidation of the surface with a brown-grey colouring underneath; the material then very gradually changes to dark brown anthracite throughout. On pitched surfaces, the patina coating with its own unique characteristics that we know from traditional copper will begin to form after some time. The oxidation process is much slower than with traditional copper.

TECU® Bronze has outstanding mechanical abrasion resistance, extremely high corrosion resistance and durability as well as exceptional stability and material rigidity. The material can be cold-formed and hard or soft-soldered. TECU® Bronze is an ideal supplement to the TECU® product range and can be combined with the other well-known copper surfaces. All the familiar economic advantages of the TECU® brand name apply without exception to TECU® Bronze.

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