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German civil engineer.

Biographical Information

Name: Rudolf Bergermann
Born in 1941 in , North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Europe
Place(s) of activity:
1961 - 1966

Study of Civil Engineering at the Technical University in Stuttgart, Germany, specialization in structural engineering, degree as Diplom-Ingenieur

1966 - 1967

Engineer with Ed. Züblin AG, contractors, Stuttgart, Germany

1968 - 1973

Engineer with Leonhardt und Andrä

1974 - 1979 Senior Engineer, cooperating with Prof. Jörg Schlaich, with Leonhardt und Andrä, Structural Consulting Engineers, Stuttgart, Germany
1980 - 2002 Partner with schlaich bergermann partner, Structural Consulting Engineers, Stuttgart, Germany
Since 2003 Senior Consultant Engineer with schlaich bergermann partner

Structures and Projects

Participation in the following structures & large-scale projects:

consulting engineer
resident engineer
structural engineer


  1. Schlaich, Jörg / Bergermann, Rudolf (1994): Conceptual design of long-span roofs. Presented at: IABSE Symposium: Places of Assembly and Long-Span Building Structures, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 1994.


  2. Bergermann, Rudolf / Dillmann, Ulrich (1992): Fabrication survey of steel components facillitates quick bridge erection. Presented at: 14th IABSE Congress, New Delhi, India, 6-10 March 1992.


  3. Schiel, Wolfgang / Bergermann, Rudolf (2004): 20 Jahre Entwicklung von solarthermischen Kraftwerken. Warum benötigen wir dringend die Nutzung solarer Energiequellen?. In: Stahlbau, v. 73, n. 12 (December 2004), pp. 959-972.


  4. Bergermann, Rudolf / Schlaich, Jörg (1992): Cable-Membrane Roof for the Arena in Zaragoza, Spain. In: Structural Engineering International, v. 2, n. 4 (November 1992), pp. 238-241.


  5. Schlaich, Jörg / Bergermann, Rudolf (1992): Fussgängerbrücken. Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, Stuttgart (Germany), pp. 83.
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