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General Information

Name in local language: Centro Comercial Oxígeno
Completion: 2018
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: dome:
Membrane structure
Cable net
Function / usage: Shopping center / Mall


Location: , ,
Coordinates: 9° 59' 40.15" N    84° 7' 52.68" W
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Technical Information


dome diameter 45 m
membrane covered area 1 600 m²


cables stainless steel
membrane ETFE foil

The Cable-Net and Membrane Structure

In this exciting project, the technology of large rope-supported ETFE cushions was further developed and the limit of what can be built was pushed further. A number of ETFE cushion constructions had already preceded it, and the realization of "Oxigeno" was only made possible by building on their experience.

For the "Oxigeno" experience and shopping center, a circular area with a diameter of 45 m was to be transparently roofed over. This area forms the central square of the shopping center and was to be available for events without supports. A classic roofing with glass on a steel structure would not only have been significantly more cost-intensive, but would also not have been able to be designed with such a light and filigree appearance.

The ETFE cushion with a footprint of 1,600 m² is reinforced by a steel cable net, which collects the forces from the membrane and directs them into the surrounding pressure ring. This also visually structures the cushion and makes the spatial form tangible. The mesh width is 1.2 m. For the connection of the ropes to each other, a rounded knot was developed especially for this construction task, which ensures that the transparent ETFE foil, which is only 0.25mm thick, cannot be damaged. A comprehensive safety concept allows the roof to remain safe even in the unlikely event of the failure of several redundant blowers. For this purpose, special rainwater emergency valves were developed, which prevent the excessive accumulation of rainwater on the roof in the event of a pressure drop.


Structural engineering
Membrane construction
Membrane manufacturer

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