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General Information

Beginning of works: 2009
Completion: 2014
Status: in use

Project Type


Location: ,
  • Yangtze River
See also: Qiansimen Bridge (2015)
Coordinates: 29° 33' 38.11" N    106° 35' 15.19" E
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Technical Information


total length 858 m
span lengths 222.5 m - 445 m - 190.5 m
number of spans 3
number of tracks 2
number of lanes 2 x 4
roadway / carriageway width 2 x 16 m
walkway width 2 x 3 m

Design Loads

railroad bridge  design speed 100 km/h
road bridge design speed 40 km/h


deck steel
pylons reinforced concrete

Case Studies and Applied Products

TENSA®GRIP RS & RS-LS – Single gap joints

TENSA®GRIP RS & RS-LS – Single gap joints

The RS Expansion Joint is designed for highly loaded bridges with heavy traffic. In normal situations it allows movements up to 80 mm. The Single Gap Joint RS type construction consists of two heavy steel edge profiles with anchor brack ... [more]

TENSA®MODULAR LR & LR-LS – Modular expansion joints

TENSA®MODULAR LR & LR-LS – Modular expansion joints

Modular Expansion Joints can be constructed for any movements, from about 100 mm up to 2,000 mm and more. They allow movements in all 3 directions and rotations around all 3 axes.



Expansion joints

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