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The architecture of the Renaissance is a style of European architecture prevalent from the early 15th to early 17th century with origins in Italy. The style quickly expanded across Europe. The Renaissance style emphasizes symmetry, proportion, geometry, and regularity of elements as they were seen to have been used in the classical architecture especially of the Romans. The preceding medieval and Gothic styles were considered disorderly and were thus supplanted by an architecture of much stricter rules and orders.

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# Name Country
1 Almería Cathedral Spain
2 Almodí de València Spain
3 Ancy-le-Franc Castle France
4 Anne de Beaujeu Museum France
5 Antwerp City Hall Belgium
6 Assier Castle France
7 Basilica di San Pietro di Castello Italy
8 Basilica di San Vittore Italy
9 Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta Italy
10 Belfry of Dreux France

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