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Architectural styles

An architectural style is a set of common characteristics used in a number of architectural works built during a certain period of time and geographic region. As styles evolve, they may overlap in time resulting in one or more styles being used contemporaneously in different buildings or more than one style being used in edifices that were built over a long period of time.

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# Name Country
1 1 MetroTech Center United States of America
2 100 Colony Square United States of America
3 100 Court Street United States of America
4 1001 Woodward United States of America
5 101 Collins Street Australia
6 1010 Common United States of America
7 1065 Avenue of the Americas United States of America
8 11 East 26th Street United States of America
9 110 East 59th Street United States of America
10 110 Livingston Street United States of America

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France, modified on 30/11/2020

Switzerland (1529), modified on 19/11/2020

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Switzerland (1767)
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Switzerland (1909)
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