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General Information

Name in local language: 明石海峡大橋 (Akashi-Kaikyō Ōhashi)
Other name(s): Akashi Straits Bridge
Beginning of works: 1988
Completion: 5 April 1998
Status: in use

Project Type


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  • Akashi Straits
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Location description:

The bridge connects Kobe on the island of Honshu (Japan) with Iwaya on Awaji Island while crossing the busy Akashi Strait.

Coordinates: 34° 37' 26" N    135° 1' 38" E
Coordinates: 34° 36' 34" N    135° 0' 54" E
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Technical Information


main span 1 990.8 m
total length 3 911 m
span lengths 960 m - 1990.8 m - 960.3 m
number of spans 3
cables diameter 1.122 m
strands per cable 290
wires per strand 127
wire diameter 5.23 mm
number 2
deck truss width 35.5 m
height 14 m
pylons height 282.8 m
dimensions at base 51 m x 16.5 m
on-axis distance between cables at top of towers 35.5 m


cables steel wire
pylons steel
deck truss steel
anchorages reinforced concrete


17 January 1995

While under construction the bridge remains largely unaffected by the Kobe earthquake.


The January 17, 1995 Kobe earthquake had its epicenter right between the two towers of the Akashi Straits Bridge. The original planned length was 1990 meters for the main span, but the seismic event moved the towers apart by almost a meter. Since construction of the deck had not yet begun, the change was easily accommodated in the slightly altered final design.

The towers of the bridge contain tuned mass dampers in order to diminish the vibrations in the structure during earthquakes and typhoons.

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