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Ausbaustrecke der DB AG Berlin-Halle/Leipzig - Eisenbahnbrücken im Zuge der Querung der Muldeniederung


Medium: journal article
Language(s): de 
Published in: Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, , n. 10, v. 93
Page(s): 294-299
DOI: 10.1002/best.199800530

Upgraded line Berlin–Halle/Leipzig of the German Railway AG; construction of railway bridges crossing a depression.

In theprocess of upgrading the Berlin–Bitterfeld railway line a number oflarge bridges were built by the German Railway AG between the rail-way stations of Muldenstein and Bitterfeld. This paper gives anoverview of the complete construction work as well as constructiondetails of the individual structures. Attention is especially drawn tothe fact that it is possible to design slender railway bridge structures for high speed lines and at the same time special consideration could be given to landscape and river course in spite of the use of a modular building system.

prestressed concrete bridge continuous beams
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