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Different Manners of Constructing in Different Contexts

Roebling's Niagara Bridge and Gerber's Cantilever Beam

Medium: conference paper
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Conference: Third International Congress on Construction History, Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany , 20th-24th May 2009
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Year: 2009

The comparison of both Roebling's as well as Gerber's construction techniques is supposed to shed light on the different work processes and communication structures of both engineers. Gerber was highly respected as the “Master of German Iron Bridge Construction”. He was the founder of a method of working that was summed up by the term “Gustavsburg School.” Its impact is still important today. Roebling, who was much more successful in economic terms, was at least as gifted an engineer as Gerber. He did not leave behind a certain school, but he was unique in a specific sense. This concerns his method of working as well as the structures he created. The selective comparison of both engineers' methods shows the different contexts in which both Roebling and Gerber worked.

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