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Pfeddersheim Viaduct Structures

Pfeddersheim Viaduct

1975, Germany

Flood control structure for Niederhafen Products & Services

Flood control structure for Niederhafen

Hamburg’s most famous harbour promenade connects the St. Pauli Landing Bridges with the historical old warehouse district.

SSF Ingenieure AG Companies

SSF Ingenieure AG

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Products & Services

VIBRAX®CRANE – Vibration isolation for cranes

VIBRAX®CRANE is an integrated solution for the noise and vibration damping support of the rail support girders of overhead bridge cranes.

Le Castel Structures

Le Castel

2018, France

A 16 Motorway (Switzerland) Structures

A 16 Motorway (Switzerland)

2017, Switzerland

mageba group Companies

mageba group

Childcare centre architecture with steel mesh Products & Services

Childcare centre architecture with steel mesh

Childcare centres and kindergartens are making new demands on their environment. Because the well-thought-out design of rooms and spaces encourages children's natural inquisitiveness and curiosity, and gives them the opportunity to enjoy movement and free playing.

Train des Pignes Structures

Train des Pignes

1911, France

Mintard Viaduct Structures

Mintard Viaduct

1966, Germany

Peter Barlow Persons

Peter Barlow

Ichtershausen Viaduct Structures

Ichtershausen Viaduct

2001, Germany

Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH Companies

Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH

Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle High-Speed Rail Line Structures

Erfurt-Leipzig/Halle High-Speed Rail Line

2015, Germany

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