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Centron Downstream Viaduct Structures

Centron Downstream Viaduct

2006, France

Citizen Wind Project Walting Products & Services

Citizen Wind Project Walting

The Citizen Wind Project in Eichstaett consists of three wind towers with hub heights of 139 m and total heights of 199 m. 

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New Viaduct for Busway in Jakarta Products & Services

New Viaduct for Busway in Jakarta

A 1,400 m long viaduct is being erected in the Seskoal section of the new busway Corridor 13 in Jakarta.

Arena Corinthians Structures

Arena Corinthians

2014, Brazil

Merchant Square Footbridge Structures

Merchant Square Footbridge

2014, United Kingdom

FORCE Technology Companies

FORCE Technology

Post-tensioning systems for Polish power station Products & Services

Post-tensioning systems for Polish power station

In 2014, the modernization and enlargement of the power plant Opole started with the addition of two new 900 MW blocks. Once completed, Opole will be Poland’s largest coal-fired power station.

A 3 Motorway (Germany) Structures

A 3 Motorway (Germany)

1984, Germany

RER D Structures


1987, France

Andrea Palladio Persons

Andrea Palladio

Parc des Princes Structures

Parc des Princes

1972, France

Carl Stahl ARC GmbH Companies

Carl Stahl ARC GmbH

A 2 Motorway (Greece) Structures

A 2 Motorway (Greece)

2009, Greece

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