Viaducto de San Pedro de la Ribera

General Information

Beginning of works: 1992
Completion: 1994
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: original configuration:
Single-cell box girder bridge
current configuration:
Double-cell box grider bridge
Function / usage: original use:
Road bridge
current use:
Motorway bridge / freeway bridge
Material: Prestressed concrete bridge
Construction method: Balanced cantilever method


Location: , ,
Address: A-8
Part of:
Coordinates: 43° 34' 7.00" N    6° 13' 22.00" W
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Technical Information


Initial construction
total length 750 m
span lengths 75 m - 4 × 150 m - 75 m
deck width 12 m
number of spans 6
horizontal radius of curvature 700 m
number of lanes 2
piers height max. 81 m
width 23.00 m
number of lanes 2 × 2
roadway / carriageway width 2 × 10.50 m


abutments concrete volume 933 m³
deck structural steel 1 502 t
concrete volume 2 416 m³
concrete volume 3 026 m³
reinforcing steel 937 t
transverse prestressing 49.7 t
prestressing bars 190.5 t
external prestressing 273 t


deck prestressed concrete
piers reinforced concrete
abutments reinforced concrete


August 2007
- April 2009

In order to convert the bridge from a two-lane road bridge to a four-lane motorway bridge, the deck width is widened to about twice the original width by converting the single-cell box girder to a double-cell box girder. To do so a central web is added. Diagonals are added on the exterior to support the lengthened top slab cantilevers. These are counterbalanced by interior diagonals within the two cells. Vertical prestressing is added to the central web, transverse prestressing to the top slab and external prestressing along the longitudinal axis on the interior of the box. The diagonals are made of structural steel.


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