Railroad (railway) tunnels

The following provides a list of all the publications catalogued in Structurae that are relevant to this structure type.

  1. De Backer, Hans / Outtier, Amelie (2016): Fire design for the refurbishment of a railway tunnel. Presented at: Challenges in Design and Construction of an Innovative and Sustainable Built Environment, 19th IABSE Congress Stockholm, 21-23 September 2016, pp. 2510-2517.
  2. Eckmann, Bruno / Rudin, Christoph (2013): Comparison of safety and ventilation aspects of emergency stations in very long railway tunnels / Sicherheits- und lüftungstechnische Gegenüberstellung von Nothaltestellen sehr langer Eisenbahntunnel. In: Geomechanics and Tunnelling, v. 6, n. 6 ( 2013), pp. 732-742.

  3. Keravel, F. / Riboulot, J.-P. (2005): Maîtrise de la sécurité ferroviaire en tunnel ferroviaire: la démarche de RFF. Presented at: AFTES - Journées techniques, Chambéry, 2005, pp. 527-536.