General Information

Completion: 2009
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: Arch-supported roof structure
Function / usage: Multipurpose hall
Material: Steel structure


Location: , , ,
Part of:
Coordinates: 39° 27' 14.00" N    0° 20' 59.00" W
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Technical Information


width 66 m
height 70 - 85 m
covered area ca. 5 000 m²
length 88 m


building structure steel


The roof has a movable component which can open and close depending to let in sunlight or keep it out. Steel lamellas are connected by a hinge to one of the two structural arches of the roof as well as to a movable arch. The vertical movement of this second arch causes the a rotation at the hinge which lets the lamellas move up and down. The movable arches are supported at each end on two hydraulic pistons. The movement of the arch can even be achieved if only one of the pistons is in working condition.

The Ágora is a metallic structure with a ground plan resembling a pointed ellipsis some 88 metres long and 66 metres wide, and a covered area of some 5.000 square metres. The fixed roof, which when closed has a maximum height of some 70 metres above ground level, will be covered with glass panels, and the lower section with opaque panels lined with trencadis. The maximum height of the open roof is 85 metres.


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