David B. Steinman

Biographical Information

Name: David B. Steinman
Full name: David Bernard Steinman
Born on 11 June 1886 in , Brest Voblast, Belarus, Europe
Deceased on 21 August 1960 in , New York, USA, North America
Place(s) of activity:

Studies at the City College of New York and Columbia University

5 August 1890

Emigrates to the USA with his family at the age of 4.

1910 - 1914

Teaches at the University of Idaho (Moscow, Idaho)


Doctorate at Columbia University


Works on the Sciotoville Bridge under Gustav Lindenthal

1917 - 1920

Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering;
Later opens his own design office with Holton D. Robinson

1920 - 1940

Bridges in the United States, Thailand, England, Italy, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Canada, Korea, Iraq


St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon and cooperation on the George-Washington-Bridge


Begins reconstruction of Brooklyn Bridge


Proposal for the Messina Straits, span of 1524 meters;
Develops new method of stereo photography

Structures and Projects



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  2. Steinman, David B. (1951): Der Entwurf einer Brücke von Italien nach Sizilien mit der größten Spannweite der Welt. In: Stahlbau, v. 20, n. 3 (March 1951), pp. 29-32.
  3. Steinman, David B. (1957): Pont suspendu du type "Florianopolis". In: Acier = Stahl = Steel, v. 22 (January 1957), pp. 38-39.
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