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Directional radio transmitters: List

The database currently contains a total of 227 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Alter MW-Sendemast des SFB 1950 Berlin (BE) Germany demolished
2 Angelburg Transmission Tower 1968 Angelburg (HE) Germany in use
3 Ansbach Transmission Tower Ansbach (BY) Germany completed
4 Ansfelden Transmission Tower 1978 Ansfelden (OOE) Austria in use
5 Arsenal Tower Vienna Austria in use
6 Babí lom Transmission Tower Babí lom Czechia in use
7 Bauschlott Transmission Tower Neulingen (BW) Germany in use
8 Bazita Television Tower 1975 Zalaegerszeg Hungary in use
9 Beckum Transmission Tower 1952 Beckum (NRW) Germany in use
10 Behren-Bokel Transmitter 1961 Sprakensehl (NI) Germany in use
11 Berkenthin Transmission Mast Berkenthin (SH) Germany in use
12 Berlin-Schäferberg Directional Radio Tower Berlin (BE) Germany in use
13 Bernau Transmission Tower Bernau bei Berlin (BB) Germany in use
14 Bielefeld-Hühnenburg Transmission Tower Bielefeld (NRW) Germany in use
15 Blaschette Transmission Tower Lorentzweiler Luxembourg in use
16 Blessberg Tower 1976 Bleßberg (TH) Germany in use
17 Bödefeld Transmission Tower Schmallenberg (NRW) Germany in use
18 Böllingerturm Heilbronn (BW) Germany in use
19 Bollstadt Transmission Tower 1969 Amerdingen (BY) Germany in use
20 Bredstedt Transmission Tower Bredstedt (SH) Germany in use
21 Bremen Transmission Tower 1986 Bremen (HB) Germany in use
22 Bremerhaven Radar Tower 1965 Bremerhaven (HB) Germany in use
23 Bruchsal Transmission Tower Bruchsal (BW) Germany in use
24 Buková hora Television Tower 1962 Buková hora Czechia in use
25 Bungsberg Transmission Tower 1977 Bungsberg (SH) Germany in use
26 Burgwindheim Transmission Tower 1984 Burgwindheim (BY) Germany in use
27 Bytków Television Tower Siemianowice Śląskie (SL) Poland in use
28 Celerina Transmission Tower 1973 Celerina/Schlarigna (GR) Switzerland in use
29 Chasseral Transmission Tower 1983 Chasseral (BE) Switzerland in use
30 Chemnitz-Reichenhain Transmission Tower Chemnitz (SN) Germany in use
31 Clenze Directional Radio Tower 1972 Clenze (NI) Germany in use
32 Collmberg Transmission Tower 1960 Oschatz (SN) Germany demolished
33 Cologne-Poll Transmission Tower 1992 Cologne (NRW) Germany in use
34 Day Aerial Transmission Masts Clervaux Luxembourg dismantled
35 Deilingen Transmission Tower 1954 Deilingen (BW) Germany in use
36 Dequede TV Tower 1959 Osterburg (Altmark) (ST) Germany in use
37 Directional Radio Tower of the French Army at Hornisgrinde Sasbachwalden (BW) Germany demolished
38 Dissen Transmission Tower Dissen am Teutoburger Wald (NI) Germany in use
39 Dobratsch Transmission Tower 1971 Villach (KTN) Austria in use
40 Duisburg Transmission Tower Duisburg (NRW) Germany in use
41 Dünserberg Transmission Tower Dünserberg (VBG) Austria in use
42 Egestorf Transmission Tower 1952 Egestorf (NI) Germany in use
43 Eisenberg Transmission Tower Eisenberg (HE) Germany in use
44 Engelberg Transmission Tower 1974 Dulliken (SO) Switzerland completed
45 Essen Directional Radio Transmission Mast 1953 Essen (NRW) Germany demolished
46 Etzenricht Directional Radio Tower 1973 Etzenricht (BY) Germany in use
47 Europe Tower 1979 Frankfurt (HE) Germany in use
48 Exelberg Transmission Tower Exelberg (NOE) Austria in use
49 Feldberg Transmission Tower 1937 Schmitten (HE) Germany in use
50 Fernmeldeturm Berlin-Schäferberg 1963 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
51 Fernsehturm Schwerin-Zippendorf 1964 Schwerin (MV) Germany in use
52 Frankenwarte VHF and Directional Radio Transmitter Würzburg (BY) Germany in use
53 Frankfurt/Oder Transmission Tower 1961 Frankfurt on the Oder (BB) Germany in use
54 Frauenkopf Telecommunications Tower 1954 Stuttgart (BW) Germany demolished
55 Frauenkopf Telecommunications Tower 1972 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
56 Freiburg Transmission Tower Freiburg im Breisgau (BW) Germany in use
57 Freiburg Transmission Tower Freiburg im Breisgau (BW) Germany in use
58 Freienwill Transmission Tower 1975 Freienwill (SH) Germany in use
59 Funkturm Holzgerlingen 2003 Holzgerlingen (BW) Germany in use
60 Funkturm Stuttgart-Schattenring 2003 Stuttgart (BW) Germany in use
61 Gänsehalsturm 1976 Bell (RP) Germany in use
62 Garding Transmission Mast Garding (SH) Germany in use
63 Gartow Transmission Tower 1986 Gartow (NI) Germany in use
64 Geiersberg Transmission Tower Geiersberg (BY) Germany in use
65 Geissberg Transmission Tower Villigen (AG) Switzerland in use
66 Gerbrandy Tower 1961 IJsselstein Netherlands in use
67 Giessen US Army Directional Radio Tower Gießen (HE) Germany unknown
68 Glienick Transmission Tower 1960 Zossen (BB) Germany out of service
69 Göbrichen Transmission Tower Neulingen (BW) Germany in use
70 Gorzków Wieś Directional Radio Tower Gorzków (LU) Poland in use
71 Gorzów Wielkopolski Transmission Tower Gorzów Wielkopolski (LB) Poland in use
72 Graf Ulrich Tower 1989 Grafenau (BW) Germany in use
73 Great Inselsberg Transmission Tower 1974 Brotterode (TH) Germany in use
74 Grosser Waldstein Transmission Mast 1961 Großer Waldstein (BY) Germany in use
75 Grünwettersbach Transmission Tower 1968 Karlsruhe (BW) Germany completed
76 Gubalowka Transmission Tower Zakopane (MA) Poland in use
77 Güby Transmission Mast Güby (SH) Germany in use
78 Habichtswald Transmission Tower 1976 Kassel (HE) Germany in use
79 Habsburgwarte 1888 Vienna Austria in use
80 Hanover-Hainholz Transmission Tower 1933 Hanover (NI) Germany in use
81 Heckenbach Transmission Tower Heckenbach (RP) Germany in use
82 Hegyhátsál Television Tower Hegyhátsál Hungary in use
83 Heidelberg US Armed Forces Transmisison Tower Heidelberg (BW) Germany in use
84 Helpterberg Transmission Tower 1981 Woldegk (MV) Germany in use
85 Heubach Television Tower Heubach (BW) Germany in use
86 Hillbrow Tower 1971 Johannesburg South Africa in use
87 Höchsten Transmission Mast 1969 Höchsten (BW) Germany in use
88 Höhbeck Directional Radio Mast 1978 Höhbeck (NI) Germany in use
89 Hohenpeissenberg Television Tower 1978 Bavaria (BY) Germany in use
90 Hohenstadt Transmission Tower Hohenstadt (BW) Germany in use
91 Hoher Meissner Medium Wave Transmission Mast Hoher Meißner (HE) Germany in use
92 Hornisgrinde Transmission Tower Sasbachwalden (BW) Germany in use
93 Hoštálkovice Television Tower 1979 Hoštalovice Czechia in use
94 Høiåsmasten 1980 Halden Norway in use
95 Hüffenhardt Directional Radio Tower Hüffenhardt (BW) Germany in use
96 Hüfingen Transmission Tower Hüfingen (BW) Germany in use
97 Hühnenburg Observation Tower 1952 Bielefeld (NRW) Germany in use
98 Iriški Venac Television Tower 1975 Iriški Venac Serbia damaged
99 Ispringen Transmission Tower Ispringen (BW) Germany in use
100 Jagodnik Transmission Tower Jagodnik (WN) Poland in use