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General Information

Name in local language: Tour Eiffel
Beginning of works: 1887
Completion: 31 March 1889
Duration of works: 2 years 2 months 5 days
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: Truss tower
Function / usage: Observation tower
Material: Iron tower

Awards and Distinctions


Location: , , ,
Address: Champs de Mars
Part of:
Coordinates: 48° 51' 30" N    2° 17' 40" E
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Technical Information


height 300.65 m
height to antenna tip 320.75 m (1957)
324.00 m (2000)
weight of tower structure 7 000 t
platform 1 height to platform 57.63 m
surface 4 200 m²
platform 2 height to platform 115.73 m
surface 1 400 m²
platform 3 height to platform 276.13 m
surface 350 m²


cost of construction French Franc 7 400 000


tower wrought iron
foundations reinforced concrete


28 January 1887

Tower construction begins.

30 January 1887

The foundations are completed.

May 1887

Foundations completed

1 June 1887

Construction of piers begins

1 July 1887

The assembly of the tower begins.

29 April 1888

Joining of the four legs of the tower at the level of the first platform.

30 March 1889

The assembly of the tower is completed.

31 March 1889

Gustave Eiffel climbs the 1710 steps of the tower.

1 January 1890

The concession is extended by 20 years.


The tower is used as a telegraph relay station with an emitting radius of 3000 km.


An antenna is added, increasing the total height of the tower to above 320 meters.

August 2000

The addition of new antennas brings the total height to 324 meters.

22 July 2003, 19:21

An electrical fire erupts in the 4th level above the topmost viewing platform causing only minor damage. The tower is evacuated, but reopens the following day.


The Eiffel Tower in Paris was built for the 1889 Universal Exposition (World's Fair) and for the centennial of the French Revolution. Gustave Eiffel, referred to this structure as the 300-Meter Tower, the name "Eiffel Tower" was given by the Parisian critics who were against it and the name has stuck ever since.

In 1889 the elevators were provided by Roux, Combaluzier et Lepape between the ground and 1st platform (located in the east and west legs); Otis built the elevators in the north and south legs serving between ground and second platform. Edoux provided elevators between the second and top platforms.

Cost of construction: 7 400 000 Francs
Fees collected during the world's fair of 1889: 6 500 000 Francs
Subsidy by the city of Paris: 1 500 000 Francs.

121 workers were necessary on site to assemble the tower, while 326 worked at the Eiffel factory.

18 000 different pieces were assembled using 2 500 000 rivets of which 1 050 846 were placed on-site.

During good weather periods, the view is as far as 60 kilometers to the north, 70 km to the West, 55 to the South and 65 to the East.


Initial construction (1887-1889)
Lighting installation (1986)
Lighting design
Monitoring equipment

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