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A 2 Motorway (Italy)

General Information

Name in local language: Autostrada A 2 ("Autostrada del Mediterraneo")
Other name(s): A 3 Motorway
Beginning of works: 1962
Completion: 2016
Status: in use

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Technical Information


total length 432.2 km


24 November 1927

Start of works on the section Naples-Pompei

22 June 1929

The section Naples-Pompei is opened to traffic

10 March 1959

Start of works on the section Pompei-Salerno

16 July 1961

The section Pompei-Salernoi is opened to traffic

21 February 1962

Start of works on the section Salerno-Reggio Calabria


The section Salerno - Lagonegro is opened to traffic


The section Lagonegro - Cosenza is opened to traffic


The section Cosenza - Gioia Tauro is opened to traffic

13 June 1974

The section Gioia Tauro-Reggio Calabria is opened to traffic

22 December 2016

After completion of the refurbishment of the motorway it is renamed from A3 to A2 "Autostrada del Mediterraneo" in the section "Salerno Fratte - Villa San Giovanni". The Initial section from "Napoli" to "Salerno centro" is still designated as A3. The section "Salerno Centro-Salerno Fratte" is redesignated as A2dirNA.

22 December 2016

The section "Fisciano" (A30) - "Salerno Fratte" of RA2 (Raccordo Autostradale 2) motorway is now part of A2 motorway. The final section from "Villa San Giovanni" to "Reggio Calabria sud-RA5" is redesignated as A2dirRC.



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