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System scaffolding solution for a complex monument protection measure

Complex refurbishment measures for existing buildings do not necessarily require special scaffold solutions which are often associated with high assembly costs. With the PERI UP scaffold construction kit, even the most difficult scaffolding tasks can be solved with the help of system components.

Hohenzollern Castle on the edge of the Swabian Alb has a long history and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Now, the impressive structure is to be sustainably secured by successively upgrading the bastion and retaining walls of the fortress ring. For the visitors the imposing castle plant with its worth seeing show rooms remains at any time accessible also during the building measures.

The scaffolding professionals from Koblenz-based Fleck GmbH erected working and protective scaffolding for the renovation of the castle wall with the help of the PERI UP scaffolding construction kit. For safe and uninterrupted execution of the renovation work, the PERI UP scaffold is completely enclosed with sandblasting nets, in addition, a tarpaulin cover at the upper scaffold end protects against the weather.

Free-standing adapted

The scaffolding requirements here are highly demanding. On the one hand, PERI UP had to adapt flexibly to the complex geometry of the castle wall. On the other hand, the scaffolding had to be completely self-supporting over the entire height. For this, PERI UP was designed as a double truss slab, a combination of working and shoring slab. Heavy-duty anchors at the base points as well as ballasting of the head area connected via lattice girders provide the necessary overall stability.

Integrally braced

The necessary longitudinal and transverse bracing of the two-span PERI UP scaffold structure was carried out in the system: exclusively by means of waling diagonals. This is made possible, among other things, by the use of new, optimized Flex components. For example, the new horizontal ledger now has three drill holes on each side, which create additional connection possibilities for several ledger diagonals. This allows higher horizontal loads to be transferred within the scaffold bays - while at the same time ensuring economical and speedy execution. Despite the resulting increase in load capacity, PERI achieves weight savings of up to 27 percent with the "UPgrade" - with complete compatibility of all new components to the existing PERI UP scaffold construction kit.

Integrated access technology

An important part of the overall solution is always the integration of the access technology. For this purpose, Fleck Gerüstbau installed 1.25 m wide stairways with appropriately dimensioned landings. These can also be safely and conveniently accessed by the scaffold users with tools and building materials. The metric 25-cm system grid allowed the stairway accesses to be connected to the respective working levels without any transitions: easy to assemble without time-consuming pipe-coupling work and safe to use, as there are no covering gaps or trip hazards.

Complex requirements simply solved

One of the most significant advantages of the PERI UP scaffold construction kit is the consistent metric system grid of all components and the associated possibility of changing the direction of the decks. As a result, supporting structures and working platforms can be flexibly adapted to the different local conditions in 25-cm increments - equally advantageous for scaffold assembly and use. Andreas Dölz, business manager and site manager at Fleck Gerüstbau, sums it up in his own short words: "With PERI, 1 + 1 = 2, which simplifies the scaffolding of complex geometries."

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Bisingen, Zollernalbkreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (1867)

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