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Rogun Dam, Tajikistan – the world’s highest dam

The Rogun Dam is a dam under construction on the Vakhsh River in central Tajikistan. The dam is one of ten hydroelectric projects that are planned or in operation along the river. Originally, construction work began in 1980, but was time and again delayed and stopped completely due to political, economical and ecological issues. The Rogun Dam has a planned height of 335 m, which would make it the world’s highest dam.

Once completed, the dam will have a total power generating capacity of 3,600 MW with six turbines, thus doubling Tajikistan’s present energy production.

Within the last few years, stabilization measures have been carried out at the power house and the transformer hall in the caverns. This included the systematic consolidation grouting of the cavern sidewalls, the installation of passive rock anchors and the installation of active, pre-tensioned rock anchors.

At the present construction stage, DSI was selected to provide expertise regarding geotechnical systems because passive rock bolts were not only installed in the power house and the transformer hall, but also in several sections of the water derivation tunnels. The technical requirements included the design and production of a particularly robust and high quality rock bolt for inclined and declined installation consisting of pre-stressing steel, 36 and 47 mm Ø. The extremely tight production and installation schedule represented an additional challenge.

4,595 rock bolts with total length of 71 km

Within a mere eleven months, DSI produced 4,595 rock bolts with a total weight of 1,360 t in its plants in Koenigsbrunn and Nauen, Germany. This included 3,770 double corrosion protected rock bolts and 825 temporary rock bolts with a total length of 71,357 m.

68 trucks for the transport

The rock anchors were loaded on 68 trucks and transported to the Rogun Dam; a trip that took three weeks. On site, specialized technicians of the DSI-PSK Joint Venture successfully installed the up to 27 m long rock bolts in the up to 65 m high, 24 m wide and 200 m long caverns.

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Tajikistan (2028)

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