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Letalnica bratov Gorišek – the world’s largest ski jump

Ski jumping looks back on a long tradition in what is known as the valley of ski jumps in Planica, Slovenia. The first ski jumps in this region were built before 1930. Today, the "Letalnica bratov Gorišek" ski jump, or for short, Letalnica, is the world's largest jump. Up to now, 28 world records in ski jumping have been established here.

In 2015, the new Planica Nordic Center was opened in this valley. Construction work included the construction or retrofit of a total of 9 jumps, new cross-country ski runs and new tribunes in order to meet the demands of the 100,000 ski jumping enthusiasts that visit for the annual ski jumping weekend.

Since 2014, Letalnica has been the largest jump of the world

The retrofit of the famous Letalnica ski jump required special attention. Since 2014, Letalnica has permitted jumps up to 270 m, which has set a new record by making this ski jump the world's largest.

The landing zone is especially important during the construction or retrofit of ski jumps. This area is often very steep and has to be stabilized – respectively anchored – extensively. The landing zone features a convex curve towards the jump-off platform and a concave curve towards the landing slope. The transition between the two curves is known as the critical point.

During the construction and retrofit of the jumps in Planica, the steep inclinations in the landing zone were tied back using horizontal concrete walers. For several jumps, DSI produced and supplied Type R32 DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Anchors as well as the complete range of system accessories such as couplers, drill bits and adapters.

The bar anchors were installed by MINERVO D.D. using rotary percussive drilling equipment. Construction work was completed to the full satisfaction of the owner.


Kranjska Gora, Slovenia (2015)

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