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Kallady Bridge facilitates car traffic in Sri Lanka

The new Kallady Bridge connects the cities of Batticaloa and Arrasady in Sri Lanka. The steel Bailey Bridge, which was built by the British over 70 years ago, serves more than 10,000 motorists per day. Due to the narrow width of the bridge, traffic is halted in one direction at a time to give way to traffic from the opposite direction.

After the end of the civil war in 2009, the Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka decided to build a new bridge parallel to the existing Bailey Bridge. In May 2012, following a two-year delay, the government brought in the specialist companies MAGA and Utracon to take over the project and aim for an early completion of the job.

The bridge's six spans are connected by 54 box girders

The Kallady Bridge has a dual roadway and will allow traffic in both directions. There are also pedestrian walkways on both sides of the roadway. The bridge has 6 spans, connected by 54 precast post-tensioned box girders, each with a length of 48 m and a weight of 180 t.

Besides the bridge, precast yards were established

Precast yards were established at both ends of the bridge in which the precast hollow box girders were fabricated. The box segments were then lifted onto a temporary platform by lifting gantries and transported to the launching location by rail. The girders were put in place on the bridge using a self-launching erector.

In order to achieve optimum productivity, the production and erection of the precast concrete girders were carried out simultaneously. Within the narrow precast yards, the positioning and lifting of the 48 m long girders posed great challenges.

Utracon installed the strand tendons in the precast girders, carried out the post-tensioning and grouting work in the precast yards and was tasked with the logistics as well as the erection of the girders into their final position on the bridge. The Type 9-0.6" strand post-tensioning system with MA anchorages and the bar post-tensioning system, Ø 47 mm, 26 mm and 20 mm, were used in this project.


Batticaloa, Sri Lanka (2013)

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