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Name: Reinhard Maurer
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  1. Gleich, Philipp / Maurer, Reinhard (2019): The Arch Action Model for Shear Capacity Assessments of Prestressed Beams with Parallel Chords. Presented at: ARCH 2019, 9th International Conference on Arch Bridges, 2-4 October 2019, Porto, Portugal, pp. 331-339.


  2. Kolodziejczyk, Agnieszka / Maurer, Reinhard (2017): Arch action model applied to existing prestressed concrete bridges in Germany. In: Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Engineering History and Heritage, v. 170, n. 3 (August 2017), pp. 99-111.


  3. Gleich, Philipp / Maurer, Reinhard (2016): An analytical model to determine the shear capacity of prestressed continous concrete beams. Presented at: IABSE Congress: Challenges in Design and Construction of an Innovative and Sustainable Built Environment, Stockholm, Sweden, 21-23 September 2016, pp. 1539-1550.


  4. Maurer, Reinhard / Arnold, Andreas / Müller, Matthias (2011): Auswirkungen aus dem neuen Verkehrslastmodell nach DIN EN 1991-2/NA bei Betonbrücken. In: Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, v. 106, n. 11 (November 2011), pp. 747-759.


  5. Maurer, Reinhard / Arnold, Andreas (2004): Bauwerksmonitoring am Beispiel. Brücke über die Zwickauer Mulde. Presented at: , pp. 247-266.
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