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French engineer and politician, President during the Third Republic.

Biographical Information

Name: Sadi Carnot
Full name: Marie François Sadi Carnot
Born on 11 August 1837 in , Haute-Vienne (87), Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, Europe
Deceased on 24 June 1894 in , Rhône (69), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France, Europe
About the family

Grandson of Lazare Carnot. Nephew of Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot who discovered the first laws of thermodynamics. Son of Hippolyte Carnot, minister and senator.


Graduates from the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées and is then nominated to become engineer of the Ponts et Chaussées at Annecy. There he directs the construction of the Rhone Bridge at Collonges. During the war of 1870 with Germany he orients himself towards politics.

3 December 1887

He is elected to the presidency of the French Republic for a 7-year term.


World's Fair in Paris.

1 May 1890

First May Day celebration.

24 June 1894

During a visit to the Lyon Exposition, Carnot is stabbed by the Italian anarchist Jeronimo Caserio.

25 June 1894

Carnot dies due to his injuries. He is later interred in the Panthéon in Paris.

Structures and Projects

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