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Alan G. Davenport

Biographical Information

Name: Alan G. Davenport

Structures and Projects

Participation in the following structures & large-scale projects:



  1. Monbaliu, Jaak / Davenport, Alan G. / Isyumov, Nick (1984): CN Tower, Toronto: model and full scale response to wind. Presented at: 12th IABSE Congress, Vancouver, BC, 3-7 September, 1984.


  2. Surry, David / Kitchen, Robert B. / Davenport, Alan G. (1977): Design effectiveness of wind tunnel studies for buildings of intermediate height. In: Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering / Revue canadienne de génie civil, v. 4, n. 1 (March 1977), pp. 96-116.


  3. Surry, David / Cooper, Kevin R. / Davenport, Alan G. (1988): Aerodynamics of urban transit vehicles. In: Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering / Revue canadienne de génie civil, v. 15, n. 1 (February 1988), pp. 37-48.


  4. Davenport, Alan G. (1994): The consistent safety of long span bridges against wind with special reference to "le Pont de Normandie". Presented at: Ponts suspendus et à haubans. Cable-stayed and suspension bridges, Deauville, 12.-15.10.1994, pp. 3.
  5. Davenport, Alan G. / Sparling, B. F. (1998): The Evolution of Dynamic Gust Response Factors for Guyed Towers. In: Structural Engineering International, v. 8, n. 1 (February 1998), pp. 45-49.


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