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Geração de Dados para Modelo Dinâmico de Cargas Móveis em Pontes

Medium: thesis
Language(s): Portuguese
Publisher: Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro; Programa de Engenharia Civil
Published in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Page(s): 125

According to the Brazilian bridge design codes, the internal forces may be obtained by multiplying the static results for the bridge under an arbitrary live load taken from old German codes, to the impact coefficient in order to account for the effects of the dynamic interaction between vehicles and structure. This procedure does not represent the action of the real traffic on Brazilian highways and may lead to conservative or, even worse, non-conservative results depending on the structural systems and the span lengths. Aiming to develop new live load models calibrated to better simulate the real traffic Brazil, this work presents a software that allows for the automatic calculation of histograms of internal forces in bridges typical of the Brazilian highways. These internal forces are obtained by means of a time domain analysis of the vehicle - pavement - structure dynamic interaction. The software is addressed to bridges having a conventional grid-like superstructure with small span lengths, ranging from 10 to 40m, subjected to the passage of isolated vehicles. The pavement roughness is taken into account as well as the presence of local irregularities usually found at the bridge ends, simulated as a 20mm thick plank. The user - software interaction is made through windows of pre and post graphic processing to allow for both input and output data visualization and also for checking intermediate results such as the numeric models generated by the software.

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