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Bemessungs- und Ausführungshinweise für Aufbeton auf Brückenfahrbahnplatten


Medium: journal article
Language(s): de 
Published in: Beton- und Stahlbetonbau, , n. 4, v. 106
Page(s): 250-259
DOI: 10.1002/best.201100006

Design and Detailling of Concrete Overlays

Due to a permanent increase of traffic loads during the last decades and due to installation of modern vehicle restraint systems older bridges are often overloaded and thus have to be strengthened. Casting a concrete overlay on the existing structure is a state of the art method in order to increase the bearing capacity. The key is to prepare the interface in a way that no slip will occur between old and new concrete when forces are transferred over the interface. Mandatory for designing the concrete overlay is the Eurocode and in the European Technical Approvals (ETA) for dowels referred design guidelines (ETAG, TR, ...). However, the designer has to choose within a lot of options. On the basis of several research programs the RVS 15.02.34 gives recommendations for the preparation of the old concrete, the composition of the new concrete, casting and curing as well as choosing the associated options of the Eurocode within the structural design and detailing of the interface.

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