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Panon Latcharote

The following bibliography contains all publications indexed in this database that are linked with this name as either author, editor or any other kind of contributor.

  1. Subedi, Bidhya / Kiyono, Junji / Furukawa, Aiko / Ono, Yusuke / Ornthammarath, Teraphan / Kitaoka, Takafumi / Charatpangoon, Bhuddarak / Latcharote, Panon (2021): Estimation of Ground Profiles Based on Microtremor Survey in the Bangkok Basin. In: Frontiers in Built Environment, v. 7 (January 2021).


  2. Suppasri, Anawat / Latcharote, Panon / Bricker, Jeremy D. / Leelawat, Natt / Hayashi, Akihiro / Yamashita, Kei / Makinoshima, Fumiyasu / Roeber, Volker / Imamura, Fumihiko (2016): Improvement of Tsunami Countermeasures Based on Lessons from The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami — Situation After Five Years. In: Coastal Engineering Journal, v. 58, n. 4 (December 2016).


  3. Hansapinyo, Chayanon / Latcharote, Panon / Limkatanyu, Suchart (2020): Seismic Building Damage Prediction From GIS-Based Building Data Using Artificial Intelligence System. In: Frontiers in Built Environment, v. 6 (January 2020).


  4. Tanapalungkorn, Weeradetch / Mase, Lindung Zalbuin / Latcharote, Panon / Likitlersuang, Suched (2020): Verification of attenuation models based on strong ground motion data in Northern Thailand. In: Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, v. 133 (June 2020).


  5. Latcharote, Panon / Suppasri, Anawat / Yamashita, Akane / Adriano, Bruno / Koshimura, Shunichi / Kai, Yoshiro / Imamura, Fumihiko (2018): Possible Failure Mechanism of Buildings Overturned during the 2011 Great East Japan Tsunami in the Town of Onagawa. In: Frontiers in Built Environment, v. 3 (February 2018).


  6. Suppasri, Anawat / Hasegawa, Natsuki / Makinoshima, Fumiyasu / Imamura, Fumihiko / Latcharote, Panon / Day, Simon (2017): An Analysis of Fatality Ratios and the Factors That Affected Human Fatalities in the 2011 Great East Japan Tsunami. In: Frontiers in Built Environment, v. 2 (January 2017).


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