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George Washington Carver Bridge

General Information

Beginning of works: 2004
Completion: 2004
Status: in use

Project Type


Location: , , ,
  • Raccoon River
Coordinates: 41° 34' 52.00" N    93° 38' 27.00" W

Technical Information


width 33.65 m
total length 90 m
arch span 85 m
arch height 17 m


cost of construction United States dollar 7 200 000


deck prestressed high performance concrete
piers prestressed high performance concrete
arches steel
floor beams steel
tension ties prestressed high performance concrete


January 2004

Beginning of construction.

December 2004



Through type tied arch with unbraced trapezoidal box-shaped steel ribs and post-tensioned high-performance concrete ties.

Highway bridge with three roadway lanes in one direction and two roadway lanes plus one bikeway/pedestrian lane in the other direction.

Each steel rib is fabricated in three pieces. The two rib end pieces are erected on temporary supports. After two welded field splices are completed at each rib, temporary P-T tendons are installed and stressed to counteract the arch thrust. The temporary supports are then removed and the fourteen transverse steel beam are installed. Construction of the concrete superstructure procedes with the formwork supported from the top and no falsework. The longitudinal post-tensioning of the concrete ties and deck is staged to counteract the arch thrust associated to all teh applied dead loads.

The deck system for the bridge utilizes transverse composite steel box girders and longitudinally post-tensioned high-performance concrete. The tied-arch is unique in that post-tensioned high-performance concrete was used for the longitudinal ties to resist the thrust. The post-tensioned tie enables vertical deflection of the arch and lateral deflection of the piers to be controlled by sequentially stressing tendons during construction as various loads were applied. The steel arch rib is a trapezoidal box section laterally unbraced. Construction cost is $7.2 million.


Structural design
Structural engineering
Steel construction

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