Monobogen als Tor zum Spessart

Ersatzneubau der Überführung der Staatsstraße 2312 im Zuge der Bundesautobahn A3


Medium: journal article
Language(s): de 
Published in: Stahlbau, , n. 3, v. 87
Page(s): 225-231
DOI: 10.1002/stab.201810578

Gateway to the Spessart – Replacement of the transfer of the state road 2312 in the course of the construction of the federal highway A3.
The Federal Highway A3 is one of the most important federal motorways in Germany. Due to the high traffic load, the Federal Highway A3 between Aschaffenburg and the Biebelried motorway junction will be expanded to six lanes. Selected bridges in the section receive a special design with recognition value. This includes the transfer of the state road 2312, the so‐called Monobogen. This single arch creates a gateway to the Spessart. As part of the six‐lane expansion of the Federal Highway A3, the relocation of the Federal Highway A3 and the state road 2312 will require a new intersection. The conception of the new bridge should take into account in particular the oblique crossing situation. A structure was designed that counteracts the skewness in ist statics and view. The diagonally over the superstructure exciting Monobogen with bilateral cable suspensions crosses at almost right angles the underpassed federal highway. The regularly arranged cable suspensions allow a very slim designed bridge deck, which unfolds ist effect regardless of the viewing angle. Due to ist almost right‐angled orientation to the federal highway, the arch is unadulterated in ist true arched form. The shape of the rope overstretch is characterized by static aspects of the architecturally designed, crossed trailer view. For the architecturally designed structure, fully closed ropes were chosen, as their outer diameter and the geometry of the anchorages compared to stranded cables are better suited to the proportions of the filigree bridge.

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