Restauration of the pont Trencat (Broken bridge)

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Conference: Footbridge 2005 (Second International Congress), Venezia, 06-08 December 2005
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Year: 2005
Abstract: In 1811, during the Napoleonic Wars, the main arch of the "Pont Trencat" was destroyed. At the beginning of 1999 Alfa Polaris was commissioned to develop the bridge restoration project. Archaeological works and documentary research were first commissioned to obtain the information available about the history and the construction sequence of the bridge. Since the bridge was destroyed a long time ago, nobody knew what it really looked like before it collapsed. If we had tried to give the bridge its original shape back we would have had to invent all the information we lacked. Also, people were used to seeing its broken shape. Therefore we proposed to restore it in a way that reflects the contrast between the new work and the existing remains, using a modern material —steel, which is, along with concrete, the most representative structural material of our time— and contemporary constructions techniques. The work began in July 2000 and was divided in three phases: The first part consisted of reinforcing the old remains, made of stone, as well as building the new foundations in concrete. The second phase consisted of constructing the steel structure that was erected in four pieces. The arch was lifted in two pieces welded to each other in the crown. The beam was also lifted in two pieces. The third phase consisted of constructing the pavement and installing the street and monumental lighting. The bridge was opened to public in September 2003.

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