South America

The following provides a list of all the publications catalogued in Structurae that are relevant to this geographic location.

  1. Bühler, Dirk (2017): Brücken in Lateinamerika – Technik und Geschichte. Presented at: 27. Dresdner Brückenbausymposium, Dresden, 13./14. März 2017, pp. 25-42.
  2. Arai, Ana / Hampshire Santos, Sergio / Lima, Silvio: Comparative Study of Seismic Standards in South American Countries. Presented at: 35th Annual Symposium of IABSE / 52nd Annual Symposium of IASS / 6th International Conference on Space Structures, London, September 2011.
  3. Le plus grand pont suspendu d'Amérique du Sud. In: Le Moniteur des Travaux Publics et du Bâtiment, n. 5287 (25 March 2005), pp. 6.