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Submission of Photos

Structurae relies heavily on contributors helping with the documentation of structures, etc. shown on the site. While we do produce quite a number of our own photographs and images, we are still limited in time and ressources available. We are therefore grateful for every image that is provided to Structurae free of charge for use on the website. At the same time we have to be very cautious about copyright issues. Being located in Germany, we generally follow German copyright law. This page is meant to give you some hints and tips on how to go about submitting images to Structurae.

Image Quality and Formats

  1. Photographs should be of good quality with regard to the object shown (structure, person, etc.), i.e. the object should be clearly visible and recognizable.
  2. The size of the image file shold be 1200 Pixels minimum in height or width.
  3. For the on-line publication of your image we require electronic formats, prefereably of type JPEG (.jpg) or Portable Network Graphic (.png) as these can be shown by all Internet browsers.

Image Rights and Transfer of Usage Rights

Copyright law requires that you officially transfer the usage rights to your images to Structurae in some form. You can only do this if you are the actual rights owner (either by having created the image or by having the necessary rights transferred to you). For Structurae we only require non-exclusive and simple usage and publication rights. You can transfer these rights in one of the following ways:

  1. You make the images available to Structurae – and everyone else – under a so-called free license. We at Structurae prefer the Creative Commons Licence of type CC-BY 4.0 International or CC-BY-SA 4.0 International.

    - or -

  2. You copy the following sentence into your e-mail:

    "I herewith grant Structurae the simple and non-exclusive usage and publication rights to my images for the Structurae website and database. I herewith certify that I am the creator and/or copyright owner of these images."

    - or -

  3. If you have previously filled out a copyright transfer form you may simply refer to that form.

    - or -

  4. You are sure that the images you are submitting are in the public domain and that they are no longer protected by copyright and tell us that is the case and why.

Normally, the above options exclude one another. Therefore please only choose one per image.

Submitting the Images

  1. Please send your images by e-mail to njanberg@structurae.de
  2. Please send them as attachment to that e-mail.
  3. Per e-mail, please only send images showing only a single object (structure, person, etc.)
  4. Include a link (or the ID number) of the page where the images should be published.
  5. Do not forget to let us know what the rights situation is for each image.


Once the images have been published we will send you an e-mail reply to the address from which the images were sent.

Before publication your images will be checked. We will not publish them if

  • there are doubts that you do not own the copyright to the images,
  • their quality is insufficient,
  • they are (quasi) identical to images already available on Structurae,
  • they cannot be associated with a structure, person or other data page,
  • the rights situation is not clear,
  • there are privacy issues, e.g. if persons shown on the images have not agreed to the publication of their likeness,
  • the copyrights of third parties (e.g. architect's rights in case of images of interiors of their work) would be infringed according to German copyright law,
  • the images were taken from private property without the permission of the landlord.

If You Change Your Mind

Should you have already given permission for publication of your images to Structurae but you want to retract it, then please let us know. We will delete your images again if you absolutely insist, but we'll also try to convince you otherwise!

Further Information on Copyright Law

If you have additional questions regarding copyright law we recommend the following links: