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General Information

Name in local language: 万县长江大桥 (Wànxiàn Chángjiāng Dàqiáo)
Other name(s): Wanxian Bridge
Completion: 1997
Status: in use

Project Type


Location: , ,
  • Yangtze River
Coordinates: 30° 45' 31.95" N    108° 25' 10.28" E
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Technical Information


total length 864.12 m
arch rise:span 1:5
arch span 420 m
deck deck width 24 m


piers reinforced concrete
arch reinforced concrete
piers on arch reinforced concrete

Excerpt from Wikipedia

Wanxian Bridge, or Wanzhou Bridge (simplified Chinese: 万县长江大桥; traditional Chinese: 萬縣長江大橋; pinyin: Wànxiàn Chángjiāng Dàqiáo), is a reinforced concrete arch bridge built over the Yangtze River in 1997. It is located in the vicinity of the Three Gorges Dam in Wanzhou, Chongqing, China. The arch span is 420 metres (1,380 ft) and the total length of the bridge is 864.12 metres (2,835.0 ft). The clearance height to the river below is 133 metres (436 ft) however the full clearance is no longer visible as the reservoir created by the construction of the Three Gorges Dam has increased the height of the water. During the bridge construction, a concrete-filled tubular arch truss frame was built to support the weight of the concrete arch and embedded into the concrete arch.

The Wanxian Bridge is the longest existing concrete arch bridge in the world, displacing the previous record holder, the Croatian Krk Bridge. It is a major highway bridge with lanes for vehicles and pedestrians.

Text imported from Wikipedia article "Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge" and modified on 10 May 2023 according to the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

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