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General Information

Other name(s): Pont Valentré
Beginning of works: 1308
Completion: 1350
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: Pointed arch bridge
Function / usage: Road bridge
Material: Masonry bridge


Location: , , ,
  • Lot River
Coordinates: 44° 26' 42.36" N    1° 25' 54.01" E
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Technical Information


width 5 m
rise 8.70 m
total length 138 m
tower height 40 m
span lengths 6 × 16.50 m


tower stone
arches stone


30 April 1306

Decision made to build the bridge

17 June 1308

Maître G. de Sabanac, first consul, lays the first stone.


Bridge enters use.

ca. 1380

All works finished after 1380.

1867 — 1879

Careful reparation and reconstruction.


The following legend is told about the bridge: Due to slow progress in construction, the master builder made a pact with the devil who was supposed to help him. As he wanted to save his soul, he made a bet with the devil just before completion to bring him water for the last batch of mortar in a large sieve. The devil of course was unable to provide the water in the sieve and lost the bet. In revenge, the devil broke a stone from a corner of the center tower every night that had to replaced the following day every time.

Architect Paul Gout, in charge of the restoration of the bridge was told about this legend which the locals used to explain the missing stone in the tower. The architect asked sculptor C. A. Calmon to make a stone sculpture of the devil pulling a stone out of the wall. That sculpture was then placed where the stone was missing. Since then the bridge is also called the "Devil's Bridge" or the tower is called "Satan's Tower".



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