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Urban planning: List

The database currently contains a total of 337 structures in this category.

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# Name Year Location Status
1 Acropolis Athens Greece in ruins
2 Acropolis of Mycenae -1150 Mycenae Greece in ruins
3 Airbus Plant at Hamburg-Finkenwerder Hamburg (HH) Germany in use
4 Airport City Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use/under construction
5 Al Habtoor City 2017 Dubai United Arab Emirates under construction
6 Albert Park Formula 1 Circuit Melbourne (VIC) Australia in use
7 Alexandrovskaya Sloboda Alexandrov Russia in use
8 Alhambra Granada Spain in use
9 Alt-Erlaa Residential Park 1985 Vienna Austria in use
10 Aménagement de l'île du Petit-Saulcy 1754 Metz (57) France
11 Aménagement de l'île Saint-Louis Paris (75) France in use
12 Ancient Agora of Athens Athens Greece in ruins
13 ARCO Plaza 1972 Los Angeles (CA) USA completed
14 Athena 2009 Les Moneghetti Monaco in use
15 Atlantic Wall 1944 Le Havre (76) France out of service
16 Atrina Center Athens Greece in use
17 Auditorium Parco della Musica 2003 Rome (LZ) Italy in use
18 Automeile Höherweg Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
19 Autostadt 2000 Wolfsburg (NI) Germany in use
20 Avenue de France Paris (75) France in use/under construction
21 Barbican Estate London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
22 Bastide of Monpazier 1284 Monpazier (24) France in use
23 Beisheim Center Berlin (BE) Germany in use
24 Berlin Botanical Gardens 1903 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
25 Bierre Camp Merri (61) France in use
26 Bilbao Exhibition Centre 2004 Barakaldo Spain in use
27 Blagoveshensky monastery Nizhny Novgorod Russia in use
28 Boulevard Carnot 1883 Cannes (6) France in use
29 Boulevard de la Croisette 1861 Cannes (6) France in use
30 Brno Trade Fair Complex Brno Czechia in use
31 Brookfield Place (New York City) 1987 New York (NY) USA in use
32 Brookfield Place (Toronto) 1992 Toronto (ON) Canada in use
33 Brussels Expo Brussels Belgium in use
34 Buda Castle Budapest Hungary in use
35 Bureaux La Porte 2004 Luxembourg Luxembourg in use
36 Caesars Palace Las Vegas Las Vegas (NV) USA in use
37 California Plaza 1992 Los Angeles (CA) USA in use
38 Campus WU 2013 Vienna Austria in use
39 Canary Wharf London (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
40 Capitoline Museums Rome (LZ) Italy in use
41 Château de Chantilly Chantilly (60) France in use
42 Chongchun Sports Street 1996 Pyongyang North Korea in use
43 Christian Science Center 1973 Boston (MA) USA in use
44 Cité «Tony Garnier» 1935 Lyon (69) France in use
45 Cité de la Musique 1994 Paris (75) France in use
46 Cité des "Choux" 1975 Créteil (94) France in use
47 Cité du Lignon 1971 Vernier (GE) Switzerland in use
48 Cité Internationale de Lyon 2006 Lyon (69) France in use
49 Cité Internationale Universitaire Paris (75) France in use
50 Cité religieuse Rocamadour (46) France in use
51 City of Culture of Galicia 2011 Santiago de Compostela Spain in use
52 Ciudad Universitaria de Madrid Madrid Spain in use
53 Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències 2009 Valencia Spain in use
54 Cluny Abbey Cluny (71) France in use
55 Coimbra University Coimbra Portugal in use
56 Columbia University - Morningside Campus New York (NY) USA in use
57 Commanderie de Coulommiers Coulommiers (77) France in use
58 Cornell Tech Campus 2017 New York (NY) USA in use
59 Cours Mirabeau 1696 Aix-en-Provence (13) France completed
60 Crescent Development Project Complex 2017 Baku Azerbaijan under construction
61 Crystal Cathedral Campus 2003 Garden Grove (CA) USA in use
62 Cuatro Torres 2009 Madrid Spain in use
63 Culture Wave City 2009 Hangzhou China in use
64 Daimler Chrysler Quartier Berlin (BE) Germany in use
65 Danilov Monastery Moscow Russia in use
66 Deira Island Dubai United Arab Emirates construction on hold
67 Diamond Island Phnom Penh Cambodia in use
68 Diözesanes Zentrum Sankt Nikolaus Limburg 2013 Limburg an der Lahn (HE) Germany in use
69 Donskoy Monastery Moscow Russia in use
70 Dubai Marina 2003 Dubai United Arab Emirates in use
71 DUO 2017 Singapore Singapore under construction
72 Durrat Al Bahrain 2015 Manama Island Bahrain in use/under construction
73 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts (Paris) Paris (75) France in use
74 Ehrenhof Düsseldorf (NRW) Germany in use
75 Eleftheria Square Nicosia Cyprus under construction
76 Embarcadero Center 1981 San Francisco (CA) USA in use
77 Embassies of the Nordic Countries 1999 Berlin (BE) Germany in use
78 Emergence 2018 Paris (75) France in use
79 Ensemble Masséna Paris (75) France in use
80 Eton College Eton (GB-ENG) United Kingdom in use
81 EuraLille Lille (59) France in use
82 Euromed Center Marseilles (13) France in use
83 Europa-Park 1975 Rust (BW) Germany in use
84 Ewha Womans University Seoul South Korea in use
85 Faubourg de l'Arche Paris-La Défense (92) France in use
86 Feira International 1999 Lisbon Portugal in use
87 Ferienpark Ostseebad 1971 Heiligenhafen (SH) Germany in use
88 Ferrari World 2010 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates in use
89 Fontvieille 1971 Fontvieille Monaco in use
90 Fontvieille Embankment 1971 Fontvieille Monaco in use
91 Fontvieille Village Fontvieille Monaco in use
92 Former Tortoir Priory Saint-Nicolas-aux-Bois (2) France in use
93 Fort Mason Center San Francisco (CA) USA in use
94 Forum (Pompeii) Pompeii (CM) Italy in ruins
95 Forum des Halles 1985 Paris (75) France in use
96 Forum Frankfurt 1997 Frankfurt (HE) Germany in use
97 Forum of Augustus -2 Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
98 Forum Romanum Rome (LZ) Italy in ruins
99 Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Water Garden North Yorkshire (GB-ENG) United Kingdom
100 Free University of Brussels Brussels Belgium in use