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Structures & Large-Scale Projects

  1. Albano Sant'Alessandro Station
    Albano Sant'Alessandro Station (1854)

    Albano Sant'Alessandro, Lombardy, Italy
    Railroad (railway) station

  2. Altoona Haupt Truss Bridge (1854)

    Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
    Iron bridge
    Haupt type truss bridge
    Railroad (railway) bridge
    Truss bridge

  3. Ardmore Haupt Truss Bridge (1854)

    Ardmore, Pennsylvania, USA
    Haupt type truss bridge
    Road bridge

  4. Ariccia Bridge
    Ariccia Bridge (1854)

    Ariccia, Lazio, Italy
    Road bridge
    Two-story semi-circular arch bridge

  5. Austerlitz Bridge
    Austerlitz Bridge (1854)

    Paris, Ile-de-France, France
    Masonry bridge
    Segmental arch bridge
    Road bridge

  6. Avenue Foch Station (1854)

    Paris, Ile-de-France, France
    Railroad (railway) station

  7. Baleines Lighthouse
    Baleines Lighthouse (1854)

    Saint-Clément-des-Baleines, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

  8. Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls
    Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls (1854)

    Rome, Lazio, Italy

  9. Basilique Sainte-Clotilde-Sainte-Valère
    Basilique Sainte-Clotilde-Sainte-Valère (1854)

    Paris, Ile-de-France, France

  10. Bement Covered Bridge
    Bement Covered Bridge (1854)

    Bradford, New Hampshire, USA
    Long type truss bridge
    Covered bridge
    Road bridge
    Wooden bridge

  11. Brescia Railway Station
    Brescia Railway Station (1854)

    Brescia, Lombardy, Italy
    Railroad (railway) station

  12. Cathedral of Saint John and Saint Finbar
    Cathedral of Saint John and Saint Finbar (1854)

    Charleston, South Carolina, USA

  13. Chaalis Royal Abbey
    Chaalis Royal Abbey (1854)

    Fontaine-Chaalis, Hauts-de-France, France
    Masonry structure

  14. Chiuduno Station
    Chiuduno Station (1854)

    Chiuduno, Lombardy, Italy
    Railroad (railway) station

  15. Church of Saint Walburge
    Church of Saint Walburge (1854)

    Preston, England, United Kingdom

  16. Coccaglio Station
    Coccaglio Station (1854)

    Coccaglio, Lombardy, Italy
    Railroad (railway) station

  17. Cologne Station
    Cologne Station (1854)

    Cologne, Lombardy, Italy
    Railroad (railway) station

  18. Église Saint-Christophe de Coubron
    Église Saint-Christophe de Coubron (1854)

    Coubron, Ile-de-France, France

  19. Église Sainte-Catherine du Cannet
    Église Sainte-Catherine du Cannet (1854)

    Le Cannet, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

  20. Eigerøy Lighthouse
    Eigerøy Lighthouse (1854)

    Egersund, Rogaland, Norway
    Iron tower

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