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Kołobrzeg Lighthouse

General Information

Name in local language: Latarnia Morska Kołobrzeg
Beginning of works: 1947
Completion: 1948
Status: in use

Project Type

Function / usage: Lighthouse
Material: Load-bearing masonry tower


Location: , ,
Coordinates: 54° 11' 11.05" N    15° 33' 15.21" E
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Technical Information


height 26 m


tower brick

Excerpt from Wikipedia

Kołobrzeg Lighthouse (Polish: Latarnia morska Kołobrzeg) is a lighthouse in Kołobrzeg on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea. The lighthouse in located in Kołobrzeg, West Pomeranian Voivodeship; in Poland.

The lighthouse is located in between the lighthouse in Niechorze (about 34 km to the west) and the lighthouse in Gąski (22 km to the east).


The lighthouse is located at the entrance to the port of Kołobrzeg, it stands on the right bank of the river Parsęta. The history of the Kołobrzeg Lighthouse dates back to 1666. In World War II the lighthouse was blown up by German engineers as it was a good look-out point for the Polish artillery in March 1945. After the Second World War the lighthouse was built at a slightly different location from the original, using the foundations of the fort buildings complex; located close by to the town. The lighthouse is 26 metres tall, with a range of its light glare of 29.6 kilometres. In 1981 the lighthouse was renovated and the 50 cm diameter lens was replaced by a rotating set of halogen bulbs. The wooden staircase was also replaced by a metal one. The base of the lighthouse houses a mineral rock museum.

Technical data

  • Light characteristic
    • Light: 1 s.
    • Darkness: 2 s.
    • Period: 3 s.

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