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East 105th Street Subway Station (Canarsie Line)

General Information

Completion: 28 July 1906
Status: in use

Project Type


Location: , , ,
Coordinates: 40° 39' 4.68" N    73° 53' 56.40" W
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Technical Information


number of tracks 3


building structure steel

Excerpt from Wikipedia

East 105th Street is a grade-level station on the BMT Canarsie Line of the New York City Subway. Located near East 105th Street between Foster Avenue and Farragut Road in Canarsie, Brooklyn, it is served by the L train at all times.


This opened on July 28, 1906 as a replacement for a former station along a steam dummy line known as the Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach Railroad.

The station was rebuilt twice: in the 1970s and in 2005. The latter renovation cost $9.66 million.

Station layout

This grade-level station has three tracks and a narrow island platform. The platform, which only has one single-sided bench, serves the middle track (Manhattan-bound) and northern one (Rockaway Parkway-bound). The southern-most track is a stub-end track that leads to the Canarsie Yard.

The only grade crossing of the subway system was located at where East 105th Street crossed the Canarsie Line. It was eliminated in the 1970s and is located at the site of the current station house. The crossing was closed on August 5, 1973. The grade crossing elimination was part of the construction of the Flatlands Industrial Park.

The MTA still lists the station being at Turnbull Avenue, a dirt road which once ran along the tracks but no longer exists. A part of Turnbull Avenue, directly northeast of the station, is still extant as a driveway that runs to the southeast of the line from Stanley Avenue/East 108th Street to just short of the East 105th Street station's station house.

The artwork here is called Crescendo by Michael Ingui. Installed during a 2007 renovation, it consists of stained glass windows near the staircases. The renovation also resulted in a short canopy being installed above the platform. There is a substation just south of the station.


The station's only exit and entrance is via a station house directly above the platform and tracks at their extreme east (railroad north) end. A staircase from the platform goes up to a waiting area, where a turnstile bank provides access to and from the station. Outside fare control, there is a token booth and two staircases, each going down to both dead-ends of East 105th Street.

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