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General Information

Other name(s): Catedral de Santa María de Burgos
Beginning of works: 1221
Completion: 1280
Status: in use

Project Type

Structure: Rib vault
Function / usage: Cathedral
Material: Masonry structure
Architectural style: Gothic

Awards and Distinctions


Location: , , ,
Coordinates: 42° 20' 27" N    3° 42' 16" W
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Technical Information


total length 106 m
nave width of nave 26 m
transept width of transept 59 m
height of dome above transept 54 m


12 June 1221

Bishop Mauricio lays the first stone. He studied in Paris and probably brought in the master builder from France. Certain elements resemble the Cathedral of Bourges.


The chapter takes possession of the new choir.


The northern portal of the transept (de la Coroneria) is finished.


The two arms of the transept, the adjoining walls and the central part of the nave are completed.


The main portal of the Western façade is used by the King to enter the Cathedral.

20 July 1260

Consecration of the chapel.


Contract with Enricus (Enrique), the first master builder of the cathedral to be known by name.


The third story of the Western façade us completed.

1270 — 1280

Construction of the radiating chapels.

10 July 1277

Death of Enricus (Enrique). He was also master builder for the cathedral at Léon. His son Juan succeeds him.
15th century: Alonso de Caragena becomes bishop at Burgos. He returns from Basel with architects and sculptors from northern Europe.


The central lantern tower collapses.

1540 — 1568

Juan de Vallejo and Francisco Colonia reconstruct the lantern tower and the transept crossing.

31 October 1984

Declared part of the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


Currently there is no information available about persons or companies having participated in this project.

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